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Sing Out Voice Studio has unique teaching techniques which allow students to make progresss efficiently and quickly. It usually takes only 3-4 lessons for them to start to notice great progress in their voice. 


<You will learn...>


Sing with ease

Expand your range

Breathe properly

Expand and open up the throat

Make sounds properly

Efficient way to creat voice

Healthy way to sing a long time without hurting your throat

Accurately use and emit your voice

Convey song meanings through vocal performance

Prepare for auditions

Last but not least, sing and have fun!

<Location NY studio>


  • Home studio (Long Island - Port Washington area - accessible from Manhattan and Queens. Please contact us about the details. )

  • On-the-go lessons*

  • Skype**



*There would be extra fee depends on the location


**If using Skype, the student must find their own location to take online lessons. Past students have gone to a private karaoke room with free wifi service to attend lessons. Or simply at their home.

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