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Stephanie Heintzeler


I have been taking Rumi's vocal coaching for several years now and just love her. She is an amazing and very enthusiastic teacher and helped me get more confident and relaxed with my singing. I am singing in a choir as well and with Rumi's help in how to use my voice better, I have much better technical skills for the concerts. Her class is fun, highly productive and with wonderful results!


Whenever I leave a session with her my head feels more free and my voice is loose and clear. 

John Anthony Ober


I am a college student who has alot of family problems, supporting 2 of my sisters.

Singing has been my hobby and my leeway from all the stress but I wasn't satisfied with how much I can sing so I looked for teachers to improve myself. Every time I found one, I wasn't improving enough, some of them were even hurting my throat, so I kept on changing teachers until I finally found miss Rumi where everything changed.  I've been going for 1 year now and every time we meet I still feel the improvement. She taught me alot of things from increasing my range, singing relaxed and stress free, vibrato and making your voice resonate, etc. But not only did she teach me about singing but she also built my confidence, my feeling towards singing and immersing myself in the song. Singing started as my hobby but going to Sing Out Voice Studio made it my passion.



Kanako Nishiuchi


She is very passionate about her teaching and creates a very comfortable environment. Rumi says that singing is very easy,


I can sing with ease now and hit notes without tensing up anymore. I have moments when I am just happy and overwhelmed with joy. How my voice is free!

It's been so long since I felt so excited about singing.

Vincent Spencer


I started taking voice lessons for my own pleasure and to impress girls at Karaoke. I was especially struggling with the high notes, I would tense up my throat and tend to push the sound out and could sing well. But after studying with Rumi I was able to sing with ease and hit the high notes smoothly. I learned that singing is easy. She can hear the difference in the sound and how I am using my body and she takes her time explaining how I can work it through. She teaches with such clarity and always patient which is great for me!

I highly recommend her because it's fun and you will surely improve in short time!

Yuya Ishii


When I first moved to NY, I didn't know where to start.

But this studio taught me how to breathe properly and to sing with ease as well as all the basics of singing.


I was a bit confused at the beginning since it was very different from what I had been learning in Japan. As the lessons progressed, I noticed how much I was improving and mesmerized with my own voice.



I feel fortunate to be able to continue my lessons through skype while living in Japan.

And I was accepted at the Watanabe Agency school in Japan and won the jury award, thanks to Sing Out Voice Studio NY!!

Kahlea Hsu


I have been learning with Ms. Rumi for two years. She has helped me to become a great singer. At first, I sang straight from my throat and she taught me how to sing with control and how to sing beautifully. She is truly wonderful with lots of patience and I love singing lessons with Ms. Rumi. My favorite part of the lesson is the tongue exercise to help relax my tongue. She taught me many different techniques for singing and that is why I am able to sing with confidence. 


Angie Liang (Her mother)

My daughter has been singing with Ms. Rumi for about two years. Ms. Rumi has been instrumental in encouraging and building confidence in my daughter both as a performer and as an individual. As a result, I have witnessed my daughter's vocal strength and control. My daughter has developed a strong stage presence and vocal quality from Ms. Rumi's coaching. She has also prepared my daughter for several auditions and performances. We are grateful to her love of teaching.



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